Thursday, December 29, 2005

Cold Type postings

Today we've put up on Marxsite a couple of things from Cold Type, a site which publishes extracts from radical books as 'tasters'. First is a 54-page extract from Loretta Napoleoni's fascinating book 'Insurgent Iraq', which shows how the US created (or massively helped to create) the Al Zarqawi myth. Napoleoni (pictured right) is far from being a Marxist or socialist, but she explains in detail many of the realities of Iraqi resistance, and she must be one of the Bush administration's least favourite authors.
In addition is a shorter extract from Mike Davis's latest book 'Monster at the Door' - all about Avian Flu'. This has now been published in English by Verso. If Avian flu doesn't come to Western Europe or North America this winter, everyone will say that Mike is being typically alarmist. But even the British government's cautious scientific advisors say that sooner or later, probably in the next five years, Avian flu will arrive - with alarming rates of mortality as a result. Mike Davis is one of today's most consistently insightful Marxist authors, and as a result he has been a victim of savage attack and character assassination from the right. His writing is always worth reading. Check out Monster at the Door.
Tomorrow we'll post a series of articles about the election of Evo Morales as president of Bolivia - sent by one of the site's most loyal supporters, Ernest Tate in Toronto.


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