Wednesday, December 28, 2005

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Today we've posted a link to an an interesting piece by Richard Drayton, a history don at Cambridge University, explaining the limitations of the US neocons' attempts to use surveillence and military muscle to dominate the world.
Although many people don't see it this way, there is growing evidence of unease - to put it mildly - among opinion formers in the different US political and business elites, not to mention the population more generally, at where the militarist turn and the disastrous Iraq adventure are leading the US. The cracks may appear small at the surface, but the debates are deepgoing and widespread when you look a little closer. It would be an illusion to imagine to imagine that the only way modern US capitalism can function is by following the Cheney-Rumsfeld way of doing things. When decisive sections of the US capitalist class and political elite decide that the game is not worth the candle, the Rumsfelds, Cheneys and Condoleeza Rices of this world can be put back in cold storage with some despatch.
Also worth a glance are some interesting new pieces on the documents page.


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